Feb 19 Schooling Show - Sign Up

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Thanks for your interest in our show! It will be located at the Messer Arena in Elizabeth, a 50,000 sq ft heated indoor.

A couple guidelines:

  • First off, because its our first time and its probably going to have rough patches... all profits will be donated to The Hope Project so please be patient, we'll run this as best we can.
  • Can school whenever and as often as you want, no need to sign up, but only can compete in one class. So sign up for the height you want to compete in.
  • No same day adds
  • Classes will be limited to 10 horses, if you do not see your desired class that means it has already filled. 
  • Show will follow a posted order of go that is published a few days before, so keep an eye out for that - we will hold steady to that.
  • We will do an awards ceremony after each class, everyone must ride if they received a ribbon. If you are not comfortable with a victory lap you can leave the arena before that starts.
  • If you need a stall please text us 303-898-3376, $30/day, shavings and hay available for purchase onsite.
  • We are hoping the weather cooperates, if we have to cancel we will refund everyone. Otherwise no refunds, since we are limiting class sizes we will be holding everyone to their entries (exceptional circumstances of course we can chat about). Entries go towards The Hope Project.

Rough schedule: 

School however you want
8:00 .70 Schooling
8:30 Drag
8:45 .70 Class
9:15 Awards
9:30 .80 Schooling
10 Drag
10:15 .80 Class
10:45 Awards
11:00 .90 Schooling
11:30 Drag
12:00 .90 Class
12:30 Awards
12:45 1M Schooling
1:15 Drag
1:30 1M Class
2:00 Awards
1.10M Schooling
2:45 Drag
3:00 1.10M Class
3:30 Awards
1.20M Schooling
4:00 Drag
4:15 1.20M Class
4:45 Awards