• Leather Spur Covers


    If you are looking to increase your style and maintain comfort check out our new spur covers! These spur covers help your spurs to stay secure, they protect your boots from getting rubbed and they help create a more comfortable (less pinching) fit - plus we think they are kind of cool looking... 

    Please note: each batch of leather is individually dyed so there will sometimes be a little variance from the colors in the picture.

    1: Classic Red
    2: Sold Out
    3: Burnt Orange
    4: Apricot
    5: Yellow
    6: Sold Out
    7: Sold Out
    8: Sold Out
    9: Royal Blue
    10: Sold Out
    11: Sold Out
    12: Sold Out
    13: Sold Out
    14: Sold Out
    15: Brown
    16: Sold Out
    17: Sold Out
    18: Wine Red

    19: Dark Red