Schooling Show April 29th

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Entries close April 22 or when classes are full - if your class no longer shows up it means we have reached out maximum amount of entries.

Each horse rider combo is only allowed to enter one class (exception is you can enter the Gambler's/5 Bar in addition). There will be a 20 minute schooling in the ring before each section (sections will be announced the week before) and then maximum of 8 riders in the section. 20 minute schooling, one speed round, then ride for ribbons and award presentation for everyone. $100 covers all your fees. 

Gambler's will be set with options from .70-1.10M, 5 Bar will start at .80 and last jump 1M and then go from there.

We will do multiple sections if we have too manty people at one fence height.

Show will start at 8am and rough order of classes will be:



Pony Jumper .80M


Gambler's .90M



5 Bar Class 


What is a 5 Bar? Normally a 6 Bar but we're editing to 5

  • Six-bar: riders jump six fences set in a straight line. In most places, fences are placed at equal distances apart, the first fence is the lowest and each subsequent fence is higher than the one before. Horses are either penalized or eliminated from the competition if they knock down a rail. After each round where more than one competitor goes "clean," or is tied for the fewest faults, the six fences are raised in height for each subsequent round until there is a winner. Occasionally, if there are multiple jump-offs, the final fences may be raised to well over six feet.