Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are our stirrup leathers wider?

The wider stirrup leather increases the surface area on which your leg balances, more surface area tends to mean more stability. In addition, the wider design prevents twisting and rubbing - giving you a more comfortable and balanced ride. We believe that a great ride starts with a great leg, when a rider has a stable leg their confidence tends to rise. We are dedicated to revolutionizing your stirrup leathers to give you the ride of your life.

How to break in your leathers

How wide are the leathers?

They are 1.75" (4.5cm) wide on the leg side and then the standard 1" (2cm) wide on the back side.

Where can I find brand updates and reviews?

Find us on instagram @millbrookleathers and check out #millbrookleathers for reviews and pics of our products in action.

How do I know which size is right for me?

This is a hard one as some tall riders ride with a short leather and some short riders ride with a long leather. We give a rough height estimation in the item description. The best rule of thumb is to measure the length of your current leathers and then order the closest size.

Where are the leathers made?

Our leathers are handmade by our partners Atelier Pravins Sellier in France. Pravins also offers a wide variety of saddles and leather goods so please check them out:

How long does it take for my stirrup leathers to arrive?

If we have the product in stock then we ship everything 2-3 Day USPS Priority Mail. If we are out of stock we will let you know and keep you posted on an arrival time. Remember if you are ordering from outside the US you may have to pay customs on your shipment.

How do I care for the stirrup leathers?

Work the leathers in your hands to soften as they are made from a stiffer leather than normal leather because they use no nylon. We recommend conditioning them with a light coat of olive oil, yes olive oil (cheaper than fancy oil and does a better job). Millbrook Leathers can then be cleaned with your favorite saddle soap. They will start out stiff like a saddle or new boots, but then will soften and form to fit your leg.

What is your return policy?

Because our leather so quickly forms to the rider all sales are final and we do not do returns or exchanges.

Are the leathers legal to use at shows?

We get this question a lot... Even though the European riders use it, can we still use these leathers in the equitation ring as our rules are different. Well, see below...

Jumping 2.1. In the interests of safety, the stirrup iron and the stirrup leather (this also applies to safety stirrups) must hang freely from the bar of the saddle and the outside of the flap. The Athlete must not directly or indirectly tie any part of his body to the saddlery. Cross country and jumping test – Eventing The stirrup iron and stirrup leathers must hang free from the bar of the saddle and outside of CHAPTER 7 GENERAL COMPETITIONS RULES 58 the flap

4. Tied Stirrups. Any rider competing with their stirrup, stirrup leather or foot tied and/or secured in any manner, will automatically be eliminated from that class. Riding anywhere on the competition grounds with stirrup, stirrup leather or foot tied or otherwise secured is cause for disqualification, by the steward, of that rider from the subsequent class in which the rider is entered. In the case of junior or amateur riders, the steward will note the trainer name(s) on the Steward’s Report and further disciplinary actions may be taken by the Federation. Exception: Devices approved by the FEI are allowed. (Exception: See JP 116.2 for Classes Restricted By Age Of Horse)

Who is Behind Millbrook Leathers? How was it started?

Millbrook Leathers was founded by me, Alexia Honegger, a jumper trainer in Colorado (Millbrook Equestrian) looking for another revenue stream in addition to teaching lessons and selling horses.

In 2014 we were in Switzerland buying horses and noticed that all the riders were using these stirrup leathers with a wider design, so a little investigation and a partnership with Atelier Pravins Sellier to distribute the leathers in North America was made! We tested the leathers in our school program and with other local trainers for a year, to be sure we liked the quality and durability, and then in the spring on 2016 we launched Millbrook Leathers to the public.