• Original Millbrook Stirrup Leathers


    At Millbrook Leathers our goal is to revolutionize the saddle, one stirrup leather at a time. Through many happy reviews we have heard our leathers provide more leg stability, greater comfort and no twisting which results in an overall smoother ride. So why not join us in our stirrup leather revolution? 

    Rough size estimations, leathers always are a personal preference and everyone's legs are different but here is a rough guide. The best thing is to measure your current leathers to compare. Please remember these are 100% leather leathers so they will take a little while to settle and then they will stretch a little. So if you get them and you think they are too short most likely they need to just break in. *These sizes are for jumpers/eventers - for dressage go longer.* 

    Our leathers are European cowhide and selected for their thickness and the absence of defects. Double vegetable tanning chrome and pre-stretched tannery to avoid excessive elongations. They do not present more risk of wear on the soft skin saddles ("calf" or "buffalo") as stirrup leathers that are sewn with nylon string do.

    Up to 5'1 - 115CM (45")

    5'2 to 5'6 - 125CM (49")

    5'7 - 5'10 - 135 CM (53")

    5'11 and Up - 145 CM (57")

    Please note all sales are final as our leather will start molding to your particular leg shape after the first time they are ridden in. Any size questions please ask before ordering. If you are ordering from outside of America we are happy to ship worldwide, just check with your local customs on what fees they may impose - we cannot control international customs fees. Read our Terms & Conditions here.

    Manufacturer's suggestion: Do not treat your leathers with conditioner as this can change their color because they are 100% leather. They will break in through use. Conditioners and soaps with glycerin bases can cause discoloration or uneven wear so please avoid.

    How to break them in:

    Also remember they are 100% leather and not made by a machine but by hand so occasional hole discrepancies or color inconsistencies can occur.

    All sales are final, Millbrook Equestrian LLC DBA Millbrook Leathers is a Colorado based company.