Schooling Show January 6th

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We're excited to continue our schooling show series from last year! The goal is fun and great experiences, this is not rated so no rules, no dress code except a helmet and boots. If you forget your course you can do it again, if you fall off (and are ok) hop back on and try again. No stress just a great opportunity to get mileage in a heated arena.

Location: Messer Arena 

Start Time: TBD but probably 9am

We will run 8 person groups, all 8 will school right before their class for 20-30 minutes, then we'll run a speed round, place that group, award ceremony and rinse repeat.

Heights from .70-1.20 (and if you want anything else let us know)

You can do multiple heights with your horse just sign up for multiple classes. There is only one judged round per height as the goal is just to school somewhere and you get 30 minutes schooling plus one round. Since we will do a posted order entries will close 1/2.